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About -Student Success Center

The Student Success Center's Mission

The mission of the Ivy Tech Success Center for Tutoring is to increase students’ academic achievement.  Our goal is to enhance students’ ability to learn, to apply knowledge, and to think critically.  As a result of visiting the Success Center for tutoring, students will become more self-confident, self-directed learners.  The tutoring center operates on a both “walk in” basis, and by appointment, with sessions of approximately 45 minutes or less.  Experienced faculty tutors will work with students to provide free advice, guidance, and suggestions. Tutoring sessions will focus on reviewing and explaining concepts and specific topics. Tutors might also introduce study and learning methods that will assist students in developing new habits for learning. 

 by Beth McIlvain

Major Accomplishments:

Each semester, we assist numerous students succeed at improving their math and writing skills on the Madison, Lawrenceburg and Batesville campuses. 


What to expect:

  • the faculty to work with you one-on-one to offer advice, guidance, and suggestions
  • the faculty to assist you in discovering techniques and strategies for improved understanding
  • to have a dialogue with faculty
  • sessions of approximately 45minutes of less
  • that you will need to practice math skills or improve your paper after the session


What Not to expect:

  • the faculty to do your homework or write your paper for you
  • the English faculty to correct your paper
  • the faculty to predict your grade on the assignments
  • to be told what to write


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