Art History Resources Guide - Fort Wayne

This guide will help you find scholarly resources for your Art & Art History courses at Ivy Tech.

Collage of different styles of art through history by Michael Philip (work in public domain)

Getting started with research in Art History

For overview articles on an artist or artistic movement your topic is part of, search in one of the resources linked under Articles, Books & Videos on the right. 

Books are longer publications on one aspect of a topic. They may also include topic overviews, particularly in the introduction, preface and the conclusion sections, explaining how this aspect fits into a broader understanding. 

Journal articles are shorter publications on very specialized aspects of a topic. They can be peer-reviewed and edited more quickly than books and thus may have the most current information.

Primary Sources 

A primary source reports what the author experienced directly. Common primary sources for art history include exhibition reviews; chemical analyses of paintings, papers, and sculptures; infrared and x-ray analyses; and interviews with an artist. 

Images of an artwork are considered primary sources if they were made directly from the work, such as a photograph of a painting, digital images of an object, or a sketch of a building. Click Images and General Art Research on the right. for open-access images from museums and galleries.