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BIOL 101 - Central Indiana: Home

This libguide will help students with their scholarly Vs. lay article assignment.

Finding a Lay Article

You can find your lay article from almost any news website, newspaper, or magazine. 

Below are several news websites you might use. 

Criteria for Lay Article

The lay article must have enough clues to lead back to the original piece of scientific research. 

You need to find a lay article with at least 2 of these clues. 

  • Title of the Journal the scientific article was published in
  • The date the Scientific article was published. 
  • The title of the scientific article
  • The name of the researcher(s) who wrote the scientific study. 

Finding a scientific article

2. Follow the bread crumbs back to the original Scientific article

  •  Did you find your article on line? Look for a link to the scientific article on the webpage. 
  •  Do have the name of the Journal and the Date the original article was published. Check IvyJo to see if haveaccess to the Journal 
  • Do you have a researchers name, and the subject of the article? Try searching Google Scholar. 
  • Still can't find it? Ask a librarian about Inter Library Loan. 

Powerpoint and worksheet

Additional Resources