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NMC Textbooks - Indianapolis

List of current textbooks available on reserve, for 4 hour checkout, at the Indianapolis Campus.

Fine Appeal Form

How to use this guide

  1. Select the tab that has the ???? for your class, for example English Composition will be under ENGL for English.
  2. Look for the box that has your course number. For Example, English Composition is ENGL 111. 
  3. Click on the title of the book to view the book's detailed record.
  4. Scroll down to the Library Holdings section.
  5. Look at the sections  with the location of "Indianapolis North Meridian Center Reserve Collection."
  6. Check the status of the book. 
    1.    Available or Discharged- should be ready for check out.
    2.    Charged - The book is currently checked out. The due date and time will be listed. 
    3.    Overdue or lost - the book is checked out and late being returned. The date and time the book was due is listed. 

Textbook Policy

Reserves Policy - (Textbooks)
  The library maintains many textbooks on reserve for short-term use in the library. Please check with a librarian to see if we have one for your class. Every attempt is made to have as many textbooks available as possible each semester for our face to face classes; however, for various reasons, we may not be able to acquire certain titles.



  • 4 hour checkout period.
  • Textbooks may be checked out for one course at a time at the Lawrence campus.
  • Textbooks may be checked out for three courses at a time at the North Meridian campus.
  • Textbooks must be returned to the campus from which they were checked out.
  • Textbooks may be taken home overnight if checked out within 4 hours of closing.
  • Textbooks may be removed from the library.
  • Textbooks cannot be placed on hold.
  • Textbooks must be returned to the library counter to avoid additional late fees.
  • Textbooks can be renewed only one time and only in person if:
    • A second copy of the textbook is available OR
    • Student waits at least 1 hour so that other patrons have access to textbook


  • 15 minute grace period before fines begin
  • Initial fine is 5¢ per minute or $3.00 per hour.
  • Textbook late 2-7 days:  Fine will be $50.00.
  • Textbook late 8+ days: Fine will be $100.00 or cost of book.
  • Student loses /damages textbook: Replacement cost will be 100% cost of book + $5 processing fee

Fine Appeal Process

Library Fine Appeal Process
Under Ivy Tech Community College Library Circulation Policy, borrowers may appeal fines and charges.

Please note that the following are NOT acceptable reasons for appealing a fine.

• Lack of knowledge of circulation policies
• Lack of understanding for circulation policies
• Disagreement with circulation policies
• Failing to note due dates
• Failing to renew on time
• Inability to pay fines and charges
• Non receipt of reminder notices, either electronically or by mail
• Unwillingness to take responsibility for materials loaned to a third party, for example: lending an item charged to you to a classmate, faculty member, family member, etc.

To appeal on other grounds, please follow the process outlined on this page. You may be asked to provide documentation; for example, a doctor’s certificate to accompany an appeal on medical grounds.

Appeal Process

Written Appeal: If you disagree with the outcome of your consultation with the Assistant Director, complete a written appeal using the online form available here.  Optionally, appeals may be delivered in person or mailed to the following address:

Library Appeals Committee 
Ivy Tech Community College Libraries
50 W. Fall Creek Pkwy North Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Appeals must be filed within one semester from the end of the semester in which the charges were assessed.  Your appeal will be carefully reviewed and investigated. Committee communication is conducted via the Ivy Tech email system.  You will normally receive a response within 7-10 working days. Many appeals will be resolved more quickly, but an appeal often entails a comprehensive search of book stacks and online records over several days.