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New Features

Noodle Tools has updated how you cite your sources.

  • You can now copy and paste a preformated citation.
  • You can even switch back and forth between citation styles.
  • (You could not do that before)

Cite Sources

Citing Sources with NoodleTools:

NoodleTools is a suite of interactive tools designed to aid students and professionals with their on-line research.  Your work will be stored in your own account that can be accessed any time, any where. 

Tools include:     

  • NoodleBib: cite sources for reference pages using either the MLA Advanced, MLA Starter, APA Advanced or Chicago/Turabian Advanced.  It has features that allow you to format your citations to paste into MS Word or Google Docs for you! For assignments that require citation annotations, there are other features for that as well. You can even share with your teacher or collaborate with another student.  There is also a To Do List that keeps you on track your progress and have your assignment done on time.
  • Notecards:  e-index cards for recording important notes such as important quotes, a paraphrase, your own thoughts or notes and links from a particular source pertaining to your subject.

        Accessing NoodleTools

        Accessing NoodleTools: How to Start

        1.  Log in to MyIvy and click the library tab located on the
             left side of the screen.
        2.  The Library for South Bend-Elkhart should open in a new
             tab or window. If not, select Library for South Bend/Elkhart link
             to the Library in the left column. 
        3.  Find the direct link for NoodleTools under Resources in the Students area and click on it. If you are accessing the website
             from a Library computer, the page should open up when you click on
             either Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


        You can also find a link to NoodleTools when you select A to Z List then NoodleTools.

        Note: You should see a message saying: You have been automatically
        authenticated into the Ivy Tech Community College - North Central
        subscription once NoodleTools opens.

        Getting Started

        Getting Started:  First Time users start here and follow instructions below;  returning users need to log in.

        1. Click the button. You should see --
            You have been automatically authenticated into the
            Ivy Tech  Community College - South Bend (North Central) subscription. 


        The next page will ask some information about you. Here you will select,

             I am a student or library patron
        2. You will then need to create a personal ID  and  password.   Please
            click the Check Availability button to the right of the entry box to
            see if the id you chose is in use.  It is recommended that you use
             your Campus Connect user-name and email when signing up.
        3. Under the Easy Login Retrieval section, enter your initials and the
            last four digits of your telephone number.  This will allow you to
            retrieve your login information if you were ever to forget it.
        4. Click the Register button to be automatically logged in and taken
            to the My Projects  screen.
        Note:  This process is continued by clicking on the Create New Project
        tab above.

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