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About Articles

Articles are relatively short publications that discuss a subtopic. They may be primary sources reporting original research; or secondary sources, or even tertiary sources reviewing the state of research. Articles are published more quickly than books, and thus represent more current research.

The articles in the databases below are mostly for experts rather than general interest. Trade publications are written by professionals for professionals, but may not be peer-reviewed. Peer-reviewed publications are checked for bias. In databases, you can limit your searching to peer-reviewed articles.

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Article Databases

The databases below index, and link to the full text of, articles on advanced manufacturing, engineering, and applied science topics. The recommended journals are accessed in these databases. You will need to select for "peer reviewed" and for "full text."

Search keywords from your topic statement, not phrases. "Use of robots in manufacturing" becomes robot AND manufacturing

Use truncation to find all forms of a word: robot* finds robot, robots, robotics.

Use OR to broaden your search: robot* OR automation

To combine terms, use parentheses: (robot* OR automation) AND manufacturing

Science and Engineering Databases
Multi-Disciplinary Databases: Use these when your topic crosses several subjects, has applications in different fields, or you are beginning a literature search.