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Standards Resources

Professionals are required to know and apply the standards relevant to their work, and may be certified in them. Not all of the links below provide open access full text standards; see also the professional and trade organizations links.

Journals & Magazines

Journals and magazines are the primary medium for reporting research and news in these fast-changing fields. Using these links you can access full text articles of professional and peer-reviewed journals.

Open-Access Engineering Trade Publications

  • Computerworld Digital Magazine: a website for all levels of interest in computers and computing
  • Container Journal: From MediaOps, articles covering all aspects of container-related computing: philosophy, tools, business impact, best practices, and more
  • Database Journal: a website for professionals
  • Datamation: news and analysis aimed at technology sector workers of all levels, from entry-level upward
  • eWeek: aimed at CIOs with technology product reviews, analysis, and news
  • INFORMation the magazine by INFORM GmbH: a company blog addressing current issues in IT
  • Information Week: news and analysis focusing on enterprise IT
  • Infosystems online: a company blog addressing current issues in IT
  • Techmeme: a tech news aggregator, updating constantly. Useful for researching current topics.

Professional Organizations