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About Articles

Articles are relatively short publications that discuss a subtopic. They may be primary sources reporting original research; or secondary sources, or even tertiary sources reviewing the state of research. Articles are published more quickly than books, and thus represent more current research.

The articles in the databases below are mostly for experts rather than general interest. Trade publications are written by professionals for professionals, but may not be peer-reviewed. Peer-reviewed publications are checked for bias. In databases, you can limit your searching to peer-reviewed articles.

Need an overview article? Use a Reference resource

Article Databases for Automotive Topics

Browse Automotive Periodicals

Browsing current periodicals is a great way to find or narrow down a research topic. 

Databases for Automotive Technology research

Searching tips:

  • Use key words, not entire phrases: "Will automotive repair be done by robots?" contains the key words automotive repair robots
  • Think of synonyms for terms: repair=maintenance; robots=automation
  • Think of broader or narrower terms: automotive engineering=automobiles design construction (this is the correct subject heading!)
  • Truncate terms to get all forms: robot*=robot, robotic, robots
  • Use AND to narrow a search, for example: emissions AND North America

Finding Industry Reports in Business Source Complete

Go to Advanced Search. Leave the normal search boxes at the top of the screen blank. Go down to the section, Publication type and choose Industry Profile or Market Research Report and enter the NAICS code (811111 covers general automotive repair including engine repair, diesel engine repair, parts replacement, fleet repair).

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