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About Books

A book is a longer publication focused on one aspect of a topic. The introduction to a scholarly book usually offers an overview and is an excellent place to start your research. Books can be primary, secondary, or tertiary sources. Due to their length, books take longer to publish than articles. Scholarly books go through the same peer-review process as articles. The publisher will be a clue as to whether the book is scholarly, for specialists, or for general readers. Our library has books in print, online, downloadable, and even audiobook formats.

Tips for Finding Books on Specific Topics

  • Search using key words, not complete phrases: Will robots take over automobile repair?
  • Consider synonyms, antonyms, broader and narrower terms for your key words
  • When you find a book you like, examine the record for subject tags and use these to find more books on the topic
  • Combining subject tags and key words will find the most focused results

Below are the best books databases for automotive topics. 

Print books are shelved in the TL section of the book stacks.