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Bloomington Library 3.0: New and Trial Databases Spring 2020

New Databases and Publications

Cover of Science Magazine

New: Science

Published weekly from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), this periodical is a leading outlet for scientific news, commentary, and cutting-edge research.

Covers of various issues of The Reference Shelf periodical

New: The Reference Shelf Online

From Salem Press/Grey House Publishing, this resource provides comprehensive, balanced coverage of issues of importance in modern society. Each issue contains dozens of carefully selected articles and documents from respected periodicals and media outlets.

Hands placing slide under microscope

New: Health Reference Series Online

From Omnigraphics, this resource is an invaluable medical resource that will give users the confidence they need to confront medical concerns.  These topical books are designed for consumers and their health care providers.

Cover of document: Coping With Coronavirus

New: Coping With Coronavirus: How Faculty Members Can Support Students in Traumatic Times

From the Chronicle of Higher Education, this downloadable pdf file is a collection of articles that offer expert advice on supporting students during these stressful times as "they are disconnected from campus resources and communities, as well as the structure and rhythm of classes and the academic year."