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Building Construction, BCOM, and HVAC

In-Person Help

Mathematical Calculations

Gantt Chart for Project Management

This 5-minute video explains how to create a Gantt chart in Excel, including the formulas you need to enter. Be sure to read the comments following the video, the author explains in more detail about the IF formula and how to exclude weekends.

Open-Access Trade Publications

Recommended trade publications for assignments:

Citation Styles

The "style" formats for science publications vary by discipline. These style formats govern how you should cite references as well as how you should lay out your own paper, report, or presentation. A good first step is to check the style used by the journals relevant to your program. 

Some common formats are those used by IEEE, ASME, and ACM. Building construction publications may use that of the ASCE. The Chicago Manual of Style is also commonly used. (NoodleTools works with Chicago.)