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History Guides - Lafayette


This section of the LibGuide looks exclusively at the history of war. Warfare has existed for thousands and thousands of years, with mankind using it to define national or territorial boundaries, as well as utilizing it as a bargaining chip should diplomatic relations fail to achieve the aims of a government or ruling power structure. When considering the history of war, certain conflicts stand out as having special or long lasting importance. These include the Punic Wars, fought between the ancient Roman Republic and the city-state of Carthage; the Crusades, which pitted the Christian West against the Islamic East; the Napoleonic Wars, so called because they were begun by the dreams of empire pushed forward by Napoleon Bonaparte; both of the World Wars, truly global conflicts fought with increasingly deadlier and more precise weapons; the Cold War, an ideological war which created "hot wars" around the globe; and then two ongoing campaigns which focus on particular global concerns: the War on Drugs and the War on Terror.

Also included within this guide is a section on revolutions and another section on civil wars. While both of these kinds of conflict tend to remain fairly internal, they do often have far reaching consequences. For example, the French Revolution, with its bloody purges of the nobility and any who spoke out against it, created the eventual situation which allowed for the rise of Napoleon. The English Civil War, on the other hand, was a nation's attempt to decide how it would  move forward when it came to its manner of government: was there to be a king, and what kinds of power would the government possess?