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Interesting Websites:

Scottish Clan Websites and Information:


*The above list is not a complete listing of all the clans. Some do not have specific websites, and a few have sites which appear to have been without update for some time. Please review the Scottish clans list (Wikipedia) for a more complete listing.


Selected Books - Reviews

The A Very Short Introduction series is made up of titles which are, indeed, very short, but that contain a great deal of basic and interesting information about a topic. Scotland: A Very Short Introduction by R.A. Houston is a good example of a brief, but engaging, read for those who are interested in learning more about the country, but aren't quite sure where to begin. (Something to note about these titles, however, is that they are not written like encyclopedia entries: the authors will often include what are essentially opinions. Therefore, when using these titles, as with other books on various topic, the reader must recognize when the conversation has traveled from fact-based reporting into writer-based opinions. However, that is what makes most nonfiction books so enjoyable to read.) This book on Scotland is a good place to go if you need to lay a foundation upon which to put further research. For example, you will learn about some of the important battles which took place over the centuries, as well as about important people who served in various posts. You will also learn about the animosity between Highland and Lowland Scots, and the way both groups have interacted with their southern neighbor, the English. It is a little older, having been written in 2008, which means that it is not as up to date on current events. However, the historical information is still very relevant.