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The Nineteenth Amendment: Women's Suffrage (Lafayette)

Indiana Suffragists

Martha Nicholson McKay

Martha Nicholson McKay

Indiana Historical Society, Women's History Collection, Brandt and Helen McKay Steele Collection

May Wright Sewall

May Wright Sewall

Indiana Historical Society (Library of Congress), Assorted Images from IHS Collections

Ida Husted Harper

Ida Husted Harper

Library of Congress, American Memory, Manuscript Division, Women of Protest: Photographs from the Records of the National Woman's Party, Records of the National Woman's Party - Aime Dupont, N.Y. (Photographer)

Indiana writers of poems and prose (Hamilton, Edward Joseph) - Helen M. (Jackson) Cougar

Helen M. (Jackson) Cougar

No photographer credited. - Hamilton, Edward Joseph, Indiana writers of poems and prose Chicago : Western Press Association 1902, page 50. via Internet Archive

Nellie Barnes suffragette

Nellie Barnes

Indianapolis Star, 19 Nov 2017, Sunday, Page A10

Indiana and Indianans : a history of aboriginal and territorial Indiana and the century of statehood - Amelia Keller

Dr. Amelia Keller

Dr. Amelia R. Keller, Jacob Piatt Dunn, Indiana and Indianans, 1855-1924, (Chicago: American Historical Society, 1919), p. 1881, via Internet Archive.

Indiana Suffrage Video