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How to Get Microsoft Office

Download and install Office 365 ProPlus

Link to the Knowledge Base: Download and install Office


Faculty, staff and all currently enrolled Ivy Tech students are eligible to download the Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus for free!

Notes for students:

  • Before you install Ivy Tech's Office 365, you should remove any non-Ivy Tech Office versions.
  • If you use a Windows computer, disable OneDrive at the Task Manager > Startup tab and remove Microsoft Office credentials from Credential Manager > Windows Credentials.
  • You can only sign into the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint desktop apps. You cannot sign into Office 365 online.
  • Students do not get OneDrive, Teams, or Outlook as part of Office 365 ProPlus package
  • New students will not be able to use Office 365 apps until 24 hours after registering for classes.


1. Go to and log in with your IvyTech credentials.  NOTE: Your page may not have the online applications listed as in this image.

2. Click on Install Office > Office 365 apps near the right-hand corner of the screen.

3. Click on Run at the bottom of the browser or press the Alt+N keys.

4. If there is a popup, select the Yes button.

5. Office will now install on your computer.

6. After the installation completes (this can take a while), click the Close button.

7. Open Microsoft Word (search for “word” with the search tool) and sign in using your email address and password to activate Office 365.

8. If you see the following, uncheck the box “Allow my organization to manage my device.” (applies to personal non-Ivy Tech devices only) and click the OK button.

9. You are now ready to use Microsoft Office.