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Legal Research - Lafayette: Online Resources

This site provides resources and links for information on finding basic legal information inclding court cases, state ad federal legislation and statutes, etc.

Codes & Constitutions

Federal/state legislatures enact laws (i.e. statutes).  The federal government and most states organize these statutes by subject and publish them collectively as codes. Municipal laws are often called ordinances.
The Federal government as well as most states and some cities/counties also publish an administrative code, which consists of rules developed by an administrative agency that interprets and clarifies the acts of a legislative body.

WestLaw Legal Database

WestLaw is a comprehensive online database for legal, regulatory and business information.  This database is ONLY AVAILABLE to Lafayette paralegal students and faculty and requires a PASSWORD.

Journal Articles and Reports

Federal Jurisdiction

State Jurisdiction

General Web Sites

Case Law Quick Links

Case law has multiple definitions, but in general, is that law which is derived from decisions of appellate courts and the resulting collected body of decisions. Case law is distinguished from "statutes" or written law passed by legislative bodies. It is sometimes referred to as "common law".

LawSites RSS Feed

This site tracks and comments on new websites of interest to professionals in the legal profession.  Each news feed is based on a blog entry.

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