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Company Information - Lafayette: Periodical Articles

This guide provides information resources for students doing company or industry related research.

Types of Resources

Periodicals are published on a regular basis. Examples are journals, magazines, newspapers and trade publications. 

  • Journals are specialized periodicals with generally long authoritative articles aimed at a professional audience. They are usually published quarterly or annually and most are peer reviewed. 
  • Magazines are more popular and often contain short articles and lots of advertising.  They are geared to the lay person or casual reader.
  • Newspapers are serial publications, usually printed on newsprint and generally issued daily or weekly, containing news, editorial comment, columns, advertising, comics, etc. 
  • Trade Publications are serials that focus on industry, product and business information in a magazine or newspaper format.
  • Peer Reviewed articles are reviewed by individual experts or a panel of experts prior to being accepted for publication.

Articles and Reports

When searching for information on companies search the subject field for the "name of the company". You can then narrow your search by adding one or more of the following terms/phrases in the subject or abstract fields:

  • "management"
  • "strategic planning"
  • "executives",
  • "operations"
  • "organizational structure"
  • "strategic management"
  • "industrial management"
  • "business models"
  • "annual report"

The terms you use will vary depending on the database and the specific information you want (i.e. if, for example, you want personnel policies then you will use such terms as "personnel policy", "human resources", "employment", "policies", etc.).

Some databases have a special field for "company" or "organization name". If the database has one of these special fields, searching by name of the company in the subject field will not work.