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BIOL 101 - Central Indiana: Using IvyJo

This libguide will help students with their scholarly Vs. lay article assignment.


Searching - use one of the three following ways:  

  1. search box – enter title words to locate specific journals

a.    can choose other search types from drop-down list (title contains all words, etc.)


  1. select a subject to see related titles and click on search

a.    number of titles in each entry indicated in the parentheses ( )


  1. browse e-journals by title – click on desired letter to view titles from an alphabetical list

a.    the word The is sometimes dropped from a title may need to search by second title word

b.    for titles that begin with a number rather than a letter, click on “Num.”



To select and begin searching a particular journal from the alphabetical lists or from your search results:

a. You’ll find two important pieces of information: following each journal title

Available dates for the journal
 - For example, if you’re looking for an article from a 1999 issue of American Lawyer, the screen below indicates that the availability for this journal is 1987 through the present in LexisNexis Academic database. 


Database(s) that contain the journal
 - You’ll see the names of the Ivy Tech databases (in blue lettering) that contain articles from that journal.  Clicking on the name of the database links you directly to that database to start searching for articles.