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EbscoHost - Wabash Valley: Policies

Food and Drink

May I have food or drink in the library?

Check local campus rules for food and drink.  

In Terre Haute: Food is not allowed. Drinks must remain on the table outside the library entrance. Please dispose of trash in an appropriate container.

In Greencastle: No food or drink on tables, near computers or on the floor. 

Cell Phone Use

Is my cell phone allowed in the library?

If you need to bring your cell phone into the library, please ensure that it is either turned off or put on vibrate mode. Also, take all phone conversations outside the library.

The Library's Mission

What is the mission of the library?

The primary mission of the library at Ivy Tech is to provide access to materials, information, and services that support and supplement the mission of the College. The library's primary users are students (including distance education students), faculty, and staff and various College partners. The library serves as a source of instruction and assistance in the use of its resources and services." The library staff invite you to visit the libraries to enjoy  studying, pursuing research projects, or just relaxing with a good book or magazine.

Head Phones

Students can checkout headphones from the Circulation Desk. They will need to check the headphones out and back in.  Headphones can be checked out for 2 hours.

Students must be careful not to damage the headphones. Excessive damage will reduce the number of headphones available for students to use.

Can I Use the Computers in the Library?

Can I use a computer if I'm not an Ivy Tech student, faculty member or staff member?

At the Terre Haute and Greencastle Libraries, non-student computer users are given a 24 hour user-name and password for their computer session. Members of the local community may use the computers as long as there are workstations available for Ivy Tech students. If all of the computers in the library are in use, community members will be asked to give up computers if a student needs one for course-related work.

Children on Campus


Regarding Children on Campus

Ivy Tech Community College - Wabash Valley

Students, faculty, or staff are not to bring children on campus during class, study, work or test time.  Why?

  • Even a well mannered child/infant may become a distraction for the parent, instructor, or other students. 
  • Past behavior of children in the building and on the grounds has put them at risk or accidental injury.
  • Children/Infants may accompany a parent/guardian during course registration/advising appointments or other brief visits to college offices.