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Academic Writing Process - Terre Haute: Home

Resources to make the writing process - from brainstorming to final citation and bibliography - as painless as possible.

The Process of Writing

The process of writing follows the same basic format whether you are writing an essay, a short story, or a term paper:

Step 1: Brainstorming - also known as pre-writing. Choose a topic and determine what you already know (and do not know) about it.

Step 2: Research your topic. Take notes, including what source details are in.

Step 3: Write - don't worry about making it perfect, just get it on paper/screen. Do not forget to save!

Step 4: Edit - proofread, revise, correct, and make it perfect. Check your facts. Do NOT depend only on spell check!

Step 5: Cite sources - bibliography and internal citation using the correct style guide format.

Each tab on this LibGuide focuses on an individual step and provides resources for successfully completing that step.

Books on Writing

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