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Academic Writing Process - Terre Haute


Resources to make the writing process - from brainstorming to final citation and bibliography - as painless as possible.

The Process of Writing

The process of writing follows the same basic format whether you are writing an essay, a short story, or a term paper:

Step 1: Brainstorming - also known as pre-writing. Choose a topic and determine what you already know (and do not know) about it.

Step 2: Research your topic. Take notes and organize your research material, being sure to track where source material was found.

Step 3: Write - don't worry about making it perfect, just get it on paper/screen. Do not forget to save!

Step 4: Edit - proofread, revise, correct, and finesse the content. Do NOT depend only on spell check!

Step 5: Check your facts and assure that any research used internally in the paper through in-text citations cross-references with full citations using the required assignment format, such as a Works Cited (MLA style) page, or References list (APA style).

Note:  Be sure you understand the difference between a bibliography and a Works Cited or References list. A bibliography is typically a project that involves citing and summarizing potential sources you might use in a research paper.  A Works Cited page or References list includes sources you actually used to support your discussion in a research paper.



Additional support for the writing and research process can be found in the Learning Resource Center Libguide.

You can also always reach out to a Library specialist for individual research assistance or connect with campus tutoring services through the MyIvy QuickLink:


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