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Academic Writing Process - Terre Haute: Brainstorming

Resources to make the writing process - from brainstorming to final citation and bibliography - as painless as possible.

Books on Brainstorming

Methods of Brainstorming

Brainstorming is another word for thinking. Specifically, it is a lot of thinking at one time about a given topic. Some people organize as they brainstorm, others spill out ideas as quickly as they can without worrying about organization. There are as many different ways of brainstorming as there are people who brainstorm. Human minds all work differently, so different techniques have been developed to help everyone come up with ideas. The following websites offer a variety of brainstorming options. Try several different techniques until you find one or two that work especially well for you.

Organizing Information

After brainstorming a lot of different ideas for a writing assignment, it is necessary to organize those ideas in preparation for writing. The most common form of organizing is an outline, but there are other ways of organizing as well.