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APA Citation - South Bend-Elkhart: Articles: In Print

Opposing Viewpoints

Article in Opposing Viewpoints online; publication date is original date, but title has been changed for the book.

Bush, G. W. (2005, March 22). Diverting money into private accounts

       would strengthen Social Security. In A. C. Nakaya (Ed.), Opposing

       viewpoints: America in the twenty-first century. Greenhaven Press.

Journals: In Print

Citing articles in journals with continuous pagination

Passons, W. (1967). Predictive validates of the ACT, SAT, and high

        school grades for first semester GPA and freshman courses.

        Educational and Psychological Measurement, 27, 1143-1144.

Citing articles in journals with non-continuous pagination

Sawyer, J. (1966). Measurement and prediction, clinical

         and statistical. Psychological Bulletin, 66(3), 178-200.

  • Because pagination begins anew with each issue of this journal, it is necessary to include the issue number in parentheses after the volume number. Note that there is a comma between the issue number and the page numbers, but no comma between the italicized volume number and the issue number. If the periodical does not use volume numbers, include "pp." before the page numbers so the reader will understand that the numbers refer to pagination. Use "p." if the source is a page or less long.

Citing articles in monthly periodicals

Chandler-Crisp, S. (1988, May) "Aerobic writing": A writing practice

          model. Writing Lab Newsletter, pp. 9-11.

Citing articles in weekly periodicals

Kauffmann, S. (1993, October 18). On films: Class consciousness.

         The New Republic, p.30.

Newspaper articles

Monson, M. (1993, September 16). Urbana firm obstacle to office

         project. The Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette, pp. A1, A8.

No author identified

Clinton puts 'human face' on health-care plan. (1993, September 16).

         The New York Times, p. B1.

Reprinted or republished articles

Clark, G., & Zimmerman, E. (1988). Professional roles and activities

        as models for art education. In S. Dobbs (Ed.), Research readings

        for discipline-based art education (pp. 3-18). Reston, VA: NAEA.

        (Reprinted from Studies in Art Education, 19 (1986), 34-39)

  • Following the entry, enclose "Reprinted from" in parentheses, noting the original publication information.

ERIC Documents (Report available from the Educational Resources Information Center)

Mead, J. V. (1992). Looking at old photographs: Investigating the

        teacher tales that novice teachers bring with them  (Report No.

        NCRTL-RR-92-4). East Lansing, MI: National Center for Research

        on Teacher Learning. Retrieved from ERIC database. (ED346082)