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APA Citation - South Bend-Elkhart: Citing Sources: DVD / CD-ROM


At the end of your assignment, essay or project you are required to include a reference list containing the full details of each source. The list should be in alphabetical order and include the author/editor, date, title and publication information. References over one line long should use a hanging indent to indent the second and following lines.

Film on DVD/Video

Rivera, J. (Producer), & Docter, P. (Director). (2002). Monsters

     Inc. [Motion Picture]. California: Buena Vista Home


In text citation (Rivera & Docter, 2002)

Online Video clip (e.g. YouTube)

A video taken from a website such as YouTube should be referenced as a webpage.

 Geisler, R. (Producer), & Malick, T. (Director). (1998). The thin

     red line. [Video].  California: 20th Century Fox Home


In text citation  (Geisler & Malick, 1998)


 Soils. (1999). Geographica on CD ROM. [CD ROM]. Melbourne:

     Random House.

 In text citation ("Soils," 1999)


Music - CD Example

1 Writers: Richard Adler
and Jerry Ross
2 Date of copyright: 1955
3 Title of song: Whatever Lola wants
(Lola gets)
4 Recording artist: Gwen Verdon
5 Title of album: Damn yankees
6 Medium of recording: Compact disc
7 Location: New York
8 Label: BMG Music
9 Recording date
(if different than copyright date): 1988


Proper Bibliographic Reference Format:
 Adler, R. & Ross, J. (1955). Whatever Lola wants (Lola gets)

     [Recorded by Gwen Verdon]. On Damn Yankees [CD]. New York:

     BMG Music. (1988)

Parenthetical Citations in Text:
Citations are placed in the context of discussion and are formatted like so, using the author’s last name and the date of publication. Use both names each time you cite the item, if there are two authors: (Adler & Ross, 1955)

Alternatively, you can integrate the citation into the sentence by means of narrative, like so: Adler and Ross (1955) portray our national fascination with baseball.

Special Thanks to Trinity College as well as UConn

Things To Remember

Authors' names : Use the Producer and the Director of a film in the place of the authors.

Dates of Films : Dates for films should be the date of first release, not when the video/DVD was published.

Italics : Only the film title or title of the CD-ROM should be in italics. 

Capitalization : The first letter of the first word of a title should be capitalized as should the first letter of the first word of any subtitle.  Everything else should be in lower case unless it is a proper noun or an abbreviation that is always written in capitals.