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APA Citation - South Bend-Elkhart: Lecture


Citation Elements in order:

1 Speaker: Dorothy Q. Thomas

2 Date of presentation: October 22, 2009

3 Title of presentation: Are Americans Human? An Ex-Patriot's Guide to the Future of Progressive Politics in the U.S

4 Hosting organization: Thomas J. Dodd Research Center,  Raymond & Beverly Sackler Distinguished Lecture Series.  And University of Connecticut Law School.

5 Location: Hartford, CT

Proper Bibliographic Reference Format:

Bibliographical references are single-spaced and indented after the first line. Note the capitalization of title of lecture.

Thomas, D. Q. (2009, October). Are Americans human? An Ex-Patriot's guide to the future of

        progressive politics in the U.S. Paper presented at University of Connecticut Law School,

        Thomas J. Dodd Research Center's Raymond & Beverly Sackler Distinguished Lecture

        Series, Hartford, CT.

Parenthetical Citations in Text:

Citations are placed in the context of discussion and are formatted like so, using the author’s last
name and the date of publication:
(Thomas, 2009)

Alternatively, you can integrate the citation into the sentence by means of narrative, like so:
Thomas (2009) discusses the direction of U.S. progressive politics.

Special Thanks to Trinity College as well as UConn