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Writing Center: Researching Online

Evaluating Websites

Here is a guide to evaluating websites.  Use this to make sure your are getting reliable and correct information. 

What Are Boolean Operators?

Boolean operators are a great tool to use for refining your online research.  When you type these operators in with the rest of your subject in the SEARCH boxes on any database or website, they will expand the number of relevant finds you get.  Suppose you are doing a research project on child abuse.  Here are the many ways to use boolean operators to enhance your search.

Search terms to use: psychological, physical, child, abuse

  • Use OR to bring up results about one term or another (Ex. psychological OR physical abuse)
  • Use AND to bring up results about two terms (Ex. psychological AND physical abuse)
  • Use NOT to eliminate results about a certain term (Ex. psychological NOT physical abuse)
  • Use parentheses to search for an exact phrase.  For example, type: (psychological child abuse)
  • Use truncation to search for a term with multiple endings.  For example, you want your search to include all the forms of music (such as musical, musician, musically, musicallity, musicians, etc.), type in music*


Using Library Resources

The Ivy Tech Library has large selection of online databases and tools to help you with your research.  In addition to our print collections, we have access to over 13,000 magazine, journal and newspaper titles, over 45,000 e-books, audio-video collections and more.  Below is a list of links to resources to help you find what you are looking for!