Children's Literature - Fort Wayne

Selected Library of Congress Call Numbers for the Juvenile Collection

The Ivy Tech Community College Northeast Library uses Library of Congress (LC) Call Numbers to sort our non-fiction and juvenile materials. This means that all of our children's books are given a call number that describes the subject of the book.

Most of the picture books have call numbers that start with PZ 7 (the LC designation for fiction) and end with letters and numbers that stand for the author and title of the book.

Nonfiction children's materials have call numbers that relate the subject, ranging from A (reference materials) to Z (books about libraries). This page is a brief list of all of the call numbers and what subjects they cover, to help you direct your browsing.

If you want to find a specific book, search for it using IvyCat and locate its call number on the shelf. This guide will help you use IvyCat to locate children's books.

For more information about Library of Congress Call Numbers, please see this PDF Guide.

A: General Works

Encyclopedias & almanacs

B: Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

B - BD: Philosophy

BF - BJ: Psychology, Ethics

BL - BX: Religion

C - F: History

C: History of civilization, archeology, genealogy, general biography

D : History (except the Americas)

E: History - U.S. & the Americas (general)

F: History - U.S. (states)

G: Geography, Folklore, & Sports

G - GN: Geography, anthropology

GR - GT: Folklore, customs, holidays

GV: Sports, games

H: Social Sciences

HB: Economics

HD: Human relations

HF: Careers

HO: Family, marriage, sex, gender

HQ: Family issues

M - N: Music & Fine Arts

M: Music

N: Fine Arts

NA: Architecture

NC: Graphic art

P: Fiction and Storybooks

PE Dictionaries

PN - PS Poetry

PZ 7 Fiction by Author

PZ 8.1 Cultural Folk Tales

PZ 8.3 Collections, Series

PZ 10 Animal Stories

PZ 74.3 Foreign Languages

Q: Math and Science

Q General Science

QA Counting Books, Simple Mathematics

QB Astronomy

QC Physical Science

QE Geology, Dinosaurs

QH Nature Topics

QK Trees and Plants

QL Animals and Insects

QM Human Body: Anatomy

QP Human Body: Physiology

R: Medicine & Illness

RM - RT Medical Occupations

S: Farms & Agriculture

SF Farm Animals, Pets

T: Inventions, Machines, & Industry

TH: Construction

TJ Tools

TL Flight, cars, trucks, vehicles

TT Craft Books

TX Cookbooks