Children's Literature - Fort Wayne

How do I find...?

You may need to find books that have a specific topic or characteristic. This list will help you find what you need.

Here are some of the most common needs:

Check This List First!

If you're working on book reviews, some of the types of books you might need to find have their own pages in this LibGuide. You'll be able to find lists of books fitting each of these categories on the related page.

Not seeing what you need? Some of these characteristics take a little more searching to locate. The rest of this page should help you find what you need.

Books and Audiovisual Combinations

We do not have very many book and audiovisual combinations geared towards younger readers, but we do have a few options, listed below.

The Allen County Public Library has a variety of materials, including books on CD, book kits which include a book and CD or tape, and various videos based on books.

Here are some of the materials available at the NE Library:

Concept Books

Concept books are books that teach a basic skill or idea. You can do a Keyword Search in IvyCat for subjects such as counting, alphabet, colors, shapes, opposites, or feelings, just make sure you limit the location to Fort Wayne Juvenile.

Many of these topics are also available in the Subject Selection box at the left.

Nonfiction Books

ANY informational text would work for this category. You can search IvyCat for a topic you're interested in (make sure you do a keyword search and limit your results to Fort Wayne Juvenile) or choose a subject from the list at the left.

If you'd prefer to browse, this list of LC Call Numbers will help you figure out where to look.

Multicultural and Cross-Cultural Books

We have a special Multicultural collection shelved in the back of the library near the large group meeting room. Books in this collection introduce many different cultures from around the world.

You can also search IvyCat for multicultural books. You can be broad in your search terms, such as "culture," or more specific and search for a particular country.

Finally, try the pages in this LibGuide for Diversity, Families, or Multicultural Holidays - each will have a variety of books that might suit your needs. You can access these through "Select a Subject" at the left.

Oversized Books (Big Books)

We do not have these at the Ivy Tech NE Library.

While we do have some fairly large books in our juvenile collection, "Big Books" are extremely large, oversized books, which are designed to be propped up on an easel during storytimes so that children can follow along with the text while it is being read.

You can, however, access Big Books at the Allen County Public Library. Many of their branches have Big Books available for browsing or check out. You can view the selection online through their catalog as well:

  1. Search for "big book"
  2. On the left-hand side, under Age Level, click the words "Children's Reading Level Material"
  3. Scroll down, and again on the left-hand side, under Subject, click the words "Big Books"

This will bring up all of the big books they have available. If you want, you can limit your search further using the options on the left. You can also try searching IvyCat for specific titles of the books you find - we might have regular-sized versions of the books which you can use.

Paperback Books and Magazines

Paperback books are shelved in with the rest of the children's collection. The easiest way to find these is to browse a shelf and look for the books with no titles visible because the spine is too narrow. We cover our paperback books to make them more durable, but they still have a thinner, more pliable cover than the hardcover books.

We no longer have any subscriptions to children's magazines, but the Allen County Public Library carries several. Visit a branch near you.

Reference Books

We don't have many children's reference books, but there are a few choices. Almanacs, encyclopedias, and the Childcraft series are all shelved under the LC Call Number A, near the beginning of the children's collection.

You can also use IvyCat to find some more varied reference books. A Keyword Search for "dictionary" (remember to limit to Fort Wayne Juvenile!) will bring up a variety of dictionaries on different topics.

Seasonal and Holiday Books

We usually have Seasonal or Holiday books on display around the library - they vary with the time of the year. We keep the rest in storage, but we're happy to help you get the ones you want. You can search IvyCat to see some of the options.

There is also a Multicultural Holidays section on this guide. Click the link at the left to go see the list.


The majority of our juvenile collection falls under the LC call number PZ - and they're all story books of all shapes and sizes. Any one of the books in this range would meet the characteristics of a story book or picture book. To be a little more specific:

PZ 7 - Books that are fiction, shelved by author

PZ 8.3 - Cultural folk tales and fairy tales

PZ 10 - Animal Stories

PZ 73 - Stories in foreign languages

You might also try some of the poetry books, shelved in PN - PS. They're illustrated as well, and quite a few tell an excellent story.

For more information about LC Call Numbers, click here.

Teacher- and Child-made Books

These are books that are written and/or illustrated by a teacher or a child. We do not have very many at the NE Library, but here is one I have found. This list will be updated as more are found.

Therapeutic Books

Therapeutic books are stories that are designed to help children deal with a difficult issue, such as death, violence, illness, family issues, and more. You can browse the subjects at the left - any that are subjects children may have trouble handling are good candidates for having therpeutic books.

Toddler and Board Books

Our board book collection is shelved in the back of the library near the large group meeting room. These come in many different sizes, with stiff, durable pages designed for young children.