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American History 101 - Lafayette: Home

Thanks to John Fribley - South Bend - for the use of this guide.

Primary vs Secondary Sources

Survey of American History 1

Catalog Description: Covers major themes and events in history including exploration of the New World; the colonial period; causes and results of the American Revolution; the development of the federal system of government; the growth of democracy; early popular American culture; territorial expansion; slavery and its effect; reform movements, sectionalism; causes and effects of the Civil War.

Image, Source: color film copy transparency

Illustration depicts uniforms and weapons used during the 1779 to 1783 period of the American Revolution by showing four soldiers standing in an informal group.
From the Prints & Photographs Online Catalog, Library of Congress

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Course Outline of Record

For details on this course, History 101, Survey or American History 1, visit its Course Outline of Record. This provides more information about courses and curriculum at Ivy Tech Community College. This record provides the following information:

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