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Sociology - Sellersburg: SOCI 164 Racial and Ethnic Groups

Online Reference Books

Encyclopedia of American Studies (CREDO) - From Johns Hopkins University Press, "this book brings together a wide range of disciplines related to the history and cultures of the United States, from pre-colonial days to the present; features African Americans, Italian Americans, Irish Americans, and more."

The Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America - This work includes information on "ethnic and minority groups in the U.S. with with an emphasis on culture (religions, holidays, customs, language) in addition to information on historical background and settlement patterns. The encyclopedia also covers ethnoreligious groups such as Jews, Chaldeans and Amish."

Gale's Encyclopedia of Multicultural Psychology - This encyclopedia presents "a thorough overview of the psychology of racial, ethnic, and minority issues in the United States as viewed through the lens of the racial and ethnic minority experience. This is an excellent resource for those interested in improving their awareness and comprehension of cultural practices prevalent among and between all people."