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fine appeals

Fine Appeals

Library Fine Appeal Process
Under Ivy Tech Community College Library Circulation Policy, borrowers may appeal fines and charges.

Please note that the following are NOT acceptable reasons for appealing a fine.

Lack of knowledge of circulation policies

Lack of understanding for circulation policies

Disagreement with circulation policies

Failing to note due dates

Failing to renew on time

Inability to pay fines and charges

Non receipt of reminder notices, either electronically or by mail

Unwillingness to take responsibility for materials loaned to a third party, for example: lending an item charged to you to a classmate, faculty member, family member, etc.

To appeal on other grounds, please follow the process outlined on this page. You may be asked to provide documentation; for example, a doctor's certificate to accompany an appeal on medical grounds.
Click here for the online appeal form.

Appeal Process

Appeals must be filed within one semester from the end of the semester in which the charges were assessed. Your appeal will be carefully reviewed and investigated by the Fines Committee. Decisions made by the committee will be communicated via the Ivy Tech e-mail system. You will normally receive a response within 3 working days. Many appeals will be resolved more quickly, but an appeal often entails a comprehensive search of book stacks and online records over several days.