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Policies - Indianapolis


The Copyright Laws of the United States(Title 17,U.S. Code) Govern the Making of Photocopies or other Reproductions of Copyrighted Material.  Any Person Using the Library Equipment is Liable for any Infringement.


The library is not responsible to give refunds for printing errors. You may be eligible for a reprint that may be performed by library staff in cases of printer failure. If the issue was due to an equipment or system error, printing refunds must be handled at the Bursar office.

Information about Printing at Ivy Tech

Library Classroom Computer Use

1.  The primary use for the library classroom is for library instruction. Classes will be scheduled through the Faculty Resources Guide on the  Instruction Request page found on the library website.  Only students participating in the class receiving library instruction are allowed in the classroom at that time.  When classes are scheduled, the classroom cannot be used for “overflow” during the hour before the scheduled class to prevent interruption of student work.

2. At the NMC Library, if the classroom is not being used for library instruction, the classroom may be reserved for use by a faculty member who is teaching a class and remaining with his class the entire time. This reservation will be taken only after the faculty member has attempted without success to secure a computer lab in the building. It is important to understand that a faculty member using the room for his class can be bumped if another faculty member requests the room for library instruction.

The classroom at the Lawrence Library cannot be reserved for non-instruction use by faculty.

 3.  The library classroom is used as an overflow area for students doing academic work. The classroom will be open for use by students if there are no open computers in the library and if there are no classes taking place or scheduled to take place within the hour.   Students must stop at the reference desk and ask permission to use the room.  Library staff will periodically check on students using the classroom to make sure it is being used appropriately.  Any students found not doing academic work or misbehaving will be asked to leave the classroom and possibly leave the library. 

4.  All library rules apply to the classroom such as no cell phone use, no eating or drinking and only quiet talking.

Academic Computer Usage

The computer stations in the library are reserved for current students doing academic activities.

Non academic activities are permitted, but if you are not doing course-related work, you may be asked to relinquish your computer.

All computer users must abide by the rules set out the Student Responsibilities area in Ivy Tech's Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Use of the library computers will now be restricted as follows:

1. Computers are only for academic use by current Ivy Tech students during Prime Hours.

2. No double logins allowed. 

3. Community Patron Computer Passes will not be issued during Prime Hours (see below).

Community Patron - Computer Pass

Indiana citizens who are not employees of Ivy Tech or registered as current Ivy Tech students may use the libraries as Community Patrons.  Citizens who wish to use computers may apply for a Computer Pass. Community patrons 15 years old or older may obtain a Computer pass by presenting an Indiana government issued picture ID. This pass is valid for use only on the day of issue.

Community patron use of the library computers will be restricted as follows:

1. Computers are only for academic use by current Ivy Tech students during Prime Hours.

2. Computer passes will not be issued during Prime Hours.

       North Meridian Prime Hours

  • Monday - Thursday:  10am - 4pm
  • Friday:  10am - 3pm
  • Saturday:  Closed
  • Sunday – Closed

      Lawrence Prime Hours

  • Monday - Thursday:  8am - 3pm
  • Friday:  8am - 1:30pm

4. Prime Hours are subject to change based on student demand.

5. Community Patrons with Computer Passes will be logged on and off the computers by staff.

6. Community Patrons with Computer Passes are limited to a possible maximum of 2 hours of computer use per day.

7.  Any Community Patron with an account balance of $10 or more will have their library and computer privileges suspended until the balance is below the $10 limit.

8.  Community Patrons agree that by using Library Computers they agree to abide by all library policies.

View the full policy here - Community Patrons Policies