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Collection Development Policy - Central Indiana

About Central Indiana Libraries

Ivy Tech Community College - Indianapolis consists of three libraries--Downtown Indianapolis (NMC), Lawrence (Fairbanks), and Greencastle. As laid out in the Mission Statement, the libraries' purpose is to support the students, faculty, and staff of the college through access of materials, information, and services.   

College Mission

We are Ivy Tech, Indiana’s Community College. We serve the people of our state through accessible and affordable world-class education and adaptive learning. We empower our students to achieve their career and transfer aspirations. We embrace our vision of economic transformation inspired by the education and earnings attainment of our citizens, the vitality of our workforce, and the prosperity of our unique and diverse communities.

Library Mission

The primary mission of the library at Ivy Tech is to provide access to materials, information, and services that support and supplement the educational mission of the College. The library's primary users are students, faculty, and staff at Ivy Tech. The library serves as a source of instruction and assistance in the use of its resources and services.

Intellectual Freedom

The Ivy Tech Community College - Central Indiana Libraries’ policies have been created with the following American Library Association statements and guidelines in mind: