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Nursing - Central Indiana: Home

Table of Contents

Course Guide
NRSG 100 Fundamentals of Nursing
NRSG 102 Medical Surgical Nursing I
NRSG 105 Medical-Surgical Nursing I Clinical
NRSG 106 Pharmacology for Nursing
NRSG 110 Medical Surgical Nursing II
NRSG 112 Maternal Child Nursing
NRSG 115 Skills Lab
NRSG 116 Geriatric/Complex Medical Surgical Nursing III for the Practical Nurse
NRSG 122 Introduction to ASN Transition
NRSG 125 LPN Transition to ASN Lab
NRSG 126 Mental Health Nursing
NRSG 128 Practice Issues for Practical Nursing
NRSG 200 Complex Medical Surgical Nursing III for the ASN
NRSG 206 Nursing Care of Childbearing and Childrearing Families
NRSG 208 Practice Issues for Associates Degree Nursing

Nursing Organizations

Student Organization

Student Nursing Association

Professional Organizations

Self Care and Stress Relief

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