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Nursing - Central Indiana: Evidence Based Practice


Evidence-Based Practice and Research at the Library

6 Steps of EBP

EBP is primarily based on the following steps:

1) Assess

  • Identify the clinical problem.  What is it you want to know?

2) Ask

  • Convert the clinical problem into an answerable question using PICO

3) Acquire

  • Gather the best evidence to answer the question

4) Appraise

  •  Critically evaluate the evidence for validity, impact, and applicability 

5) Apply

  • Integrate your critical appraisal with your clinical expertise and the patient's unique biology, values, and circumstances

6) Evaluate 

  • Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of your performance, and seek ways to improve for next time

Library Databases

Most of the library's journal titles are online and available 24x7 via the Virtual Library.  We subscribe to over a thousand medical titles and approximately 200 titles dealing specifically with nursing.  The following links will take you to library databases as well as some free public databases that contain periodicals and journals that support research in this area.