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DIG into Research! - Indianapolis: How to do Research--at your own pace

Help with Research Skills

Our goal is to give you any and all tools you need to complete your research. 

If looking through this guide hasn't given you the information you need, please take a look at the tutorials below. If tutorials aren't your thing, read this concise answer written for one of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

If you like learning with videos better, take a look at Credo's Research Quick Tips. These are short, 1 minute videos to help you with your research.

Informational Bytes

The following tutorials are created in a split screen, with the left side as text that leads you through the websites on the right side. If you are viewing the tutorial from a phone or tablet, you may not see them side by side. You may also have issues viewing the entire website through the tutorial. To be able to view the website, from the top of the screen on the right side, click on Open in a new window

Library Source Bytes