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James Beard Award - Central Indiana: 2014 Media Awards

Outstanding Personality/Host

Host: Ina Garten

Barefoot Contessa: Back to Basics

Network: Food Network

Radio Show/Audio Webcast

This American Life

Host: Ben Calhoun

Area: Public Radio

Producer: Ben Calhoun

Television Segment

Friday Arts, Art of Food

Network: WHYY-TV

Producer: Monica Rogozinski

Video Webcast, Fixed Location and/or Instructional

Thirsty For...

Producer: Jay Holzer and Eric Slatkin


Eating Alabama 

Network: PBS 
Producers: Andrew Beck Grace and Bartley Powers

Television Program, in Studio or Fixed Location

Martha Stewart’s Cooking School

Host: Martha Stewart

Network: PBS

Producers: Greta Anthony, Christina Deyo, Michael Morrison, Olivia Schneider, Martha Stewart, Calia Van Dyk, and Lisa Wagner

Television Program, on Location

The Mind of a Chef

Host: Anthony Bourdain

Network: PBS

Producers: Jared Andrukanis, Anthony Bourdain, Joe Caterini, Chris Collins, Michael Steed, and Lydia Tenaglia

Video Webcast, on Location

The Perennial Plate: Europe and South Asia

Hosts: Mirra Fine and Daniel Klein

Producers: Mirra Fine and Daniel Klein