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Economics - Richmond: Web Sites & Job Links


Economics Job Links

The Accounting industry is competitive. The links below will teach you how to build a resume, compose a cover letter, and search for jobs.

Resume Assistant

Resume Genius- Get tips for developing the perfect nursing resume

Blue Pipes- Blue Pipes lists the top ten things to include on your nursing resume

About Careers-Review email etiquette for job seekers 

Career Perfect- Find resume writing tips, interviewing advice, sample resumes and cover letters,and job search strategies

Job Search

Accounting Career Network-25 years experience assisting accounting, audit, and tax professionals move forward in their careers through quality recruitment

Accounting Jobs Today-Excellent career resource dedicated to finance and accounting professionals nationwide

Jobs.Net-Search for jobs nationally, and review current market trends

Simply Hired-Search for jobs in Indiana





Listed below are five of the most popular Economic blogs. 

Confessions of a Supply Side Liberal by Miles Kimball. Kimball holds the Eaton Chair in Economics at the University of Colorado. He writes about monetary policy and unconventional ideas such as electronic money, federal lines of credit and a U.S. sovereign wealth fund.

Long and Variable by Tony Yates. Yates is an ex-Bank of England economist and writes on macroeconomics and public policy.

Marginal Revolution by Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok. Cowen and Tabarrok are professors at George Mason University. They publish daily articles and quirky news stories.

The Grumpy Economist by John Cochrane. Cochrane is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford. Cochrane writes about public policy, macroeconomics, and finance.

The Money Illusion by Scott Summer. Summer is currently the Director of the Program on Monetary Policy at the Mercatus Center. He writes about monetary economics, particularly the role of the gold standard during the Great Depression.