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Checking Out Material

Finding Resources

Faculty are able to check out any items in our collection as well as our video collection. All that you need is a photo ID, either your Ivy Tech ID or a state issued one.

DVDs can be checked out for a week at a time, and renewed if needed.

Books can be checked out for two weeks at a time, and renewed if needed.

Finding Materials

How do you find what resources the library has?

The library's website can be accessed multiple ways. If you log onto MyIvy, you can click on the library link on the left, and the Library website should open. 

Our website can also be accessed directly in Blackboard. Click on the Library tab in the upper right and it will take you to the main page. On the left select your region, in this case North Central, and you'll be at our page.

The Search and Find section offers links to all our resources, broken down into groups by type of material and by subject. Our Help section contains research tips and citation guides, while the Ask-A-Librarian section is for students to send in research questions.

Placing Material on Reserve


Faculty members can place items in the library on reserve for their students if they want the material on hand. Reserve items can be used in the library but not taken out, which ensures all students have access.

To place an item on reserve contact the library staff to let them know the item to be reserved, and the course it will be held for. We can place items on reserve for a specific time frame or for an entire semester. For commonly used materials that other instructors make use of in class, semester-long reserves may not be possible.

We can also place material on reserve provided by the instructor. Bring the material you want to have on reserve to the library, and we will make it available to students. This allows you to make your preferred resources open for students when you might be out of your office or otherwise unavailable. These items are kept under supervision, and like normal reserve items must be used in the library.