Using Skillsoft Books: Using Folders

Skillsoft Books folders

Saving titles in a folder or set.

When you find a book or a number of books on the same topic that you'd like to return to in the future, click the Launch button next to the title and choose Save from the drop-down menu.














You will be prompted where to save it. You can choose New Set, give this folder a title, and add any other information you want. Only the title of the new set is required.  Or, if you already have a folder/set created, you can choose Existing Set and select folder from a list.

This Set will now appear when you click on the My Shelf icon at the top of the Skillsoft home page. Simply click on the title to open the list of saved titles, which can be books, videos, or presentations.

From the My Shelf menu, you can also use Add Learning Event and save a group of resources to it.