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K.E.Y. Learning Center: Technology Tips

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IMPORTANT:  Before attempting to install MS Office 365 ProPlus on a PC or Mac, any previous versions of MS Office must be uninstalled from the computer. 

Be sure to review the preparations for installation of ProPlus on a PC or Mac as provided in the directions:

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus Log In, Download, and Installation Instructions


Quick Start Guides for Microsoft Products

Course Materials

Most Ivy Tech courses using MyMathLab require students to register for MyMathLab through the course IvyLearn/Canvas shell, rather than going directly through the Pearson site. 

Please consult your course syllabus for directions regarding access to Pearson products.  The handout below might also help with the initial process:


If you have a 2 week trial access to Pearson products, such as MyMathLab, & you have purchased an access code to renew your access after the trial period, follow these directions:

1. Go directly to and log in using your original user ID and password as established when you signed up for the trial period

2. Look for the link that asks if you need to enter an access code and follow the link

3. Note that access codes are typically case sensitive, so follow the capitalization pattern as indicated on your access code card