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Learning Resource Center - Terre Haute

Meet the LRC Crew

Our tutors come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all have common characteristics.  They have achieved excellence in their fields of study; they are thoughtful communicators, critical thinkers, writers, researchers, mathematicians, and scientists.

​Our tutors are passionate about education and about sharing knowledge with their peers.

In addition, they understand what it is like to go to college while working full or part time.  Most of our tutors have earned at least one college degree and are pursuing additional degrees, either at Ivy Tech or at 4 year institutions.

​Because of their educational expertise and their experiences with subjects across the academic disciplines, our tutors are eager to help you to succeed too, in college as well as in the workplace.

Chris Darling


  • MATH 080/123
  • Human Services
  • Psychology

Chris Darling is a 2018 graduate of Ivy Tech as the recipient of an A.S. degree in Human Services with a specialization in Addiction Studies & Services. He received his undergraduate degree through Wesleyan University. He is currently preparing to pursue his Masters degree.  He ultimately hopes to assist men to recover from addiction and lead healthy, family-centered lives.

He specializes in tutoring MATH 080 and MATH 123.  In addition to his academic pursuits, Chris is the proud and busy father of 2 boys and the builder of new rooms to his house.  Chris also writes inspirational haiku--the perfect combination of math and poetry. 

Emily Stinson

  • Writing & Research

Emily Stinson is an Ivy Tech graduate and a 2021 summa cum laude graduate from Indiana State University, where she earned her B.A. in English with a minor in Creative Writing.

She is currently preparing to pursue her Master's degree in English or a relative field.  When Emily is not working or in class, she likes to read, write, and stay active by jogging and doing yoga.

Cindy Edwards

  • Writing & Research
  • Technology

Cindy Edwards is a second time-around college student after retiring from her lifelong career in education related management and business/technical writing.  She is majoring in English in order to refresh her knowledge base and sharpen her skills.

Since starting her first courses at the Ivy Tech Terre Haute campus two years ago, she has learned that modern college youth are much more intelligent than she has ever been. They're insightful, intuitive and thoroughly enjoyable to work with. Thanks to these students her life experiences have richly expanded, and she has gained a new perspective. 

 Cindy and her husband farm, but on a smaller scale than when their kids were growing up and they were involved in 4-H and school activities. Cindy and her husband currently specialize in raising a few livestock in a free-range, organic setting. They also have several beloved pups and cats. The pups relish their travels, at least as much as they do, when the family explores our gloriously embellished nation. 

Thanks to Ivy Tech's local campus and Senior Scholar program, Cindy is enjoying her current educational phase of life tremendously.

Jerry Willard


  • The Godfather of Math

Jerry Willard taught math in local high schools for 30 years, retired, and was hired by Ivy Tech as an adjunct instructor as well as a math tutor. 

His extensive experience in and out of the math classroom allows him to help students across the math curriculum, so we consider him the Godfather of Math Tutoring. 

Jerry's sense of humor, his growth mindset, and his work ethic also keeps everyone who knows him with smiles on their faces.

Sarah Smith

  • HLHS 101 (Medical Terminology)
  • APHY 101
  • DMSI Courses

Sarah Smith is pursuing a degree in Sonography / Imaging Science at Ivy Tech.  She brings a background in elementary education and a spirit of positivity and growth to her position as a tutor in the medical sciences.  She is looking forward to her educational pursuits and a career in imaging science.  Her philosophy is that education is something that belongs to a person forever and cannot be taken away by time or circumstance.

Hans Vanhorn


  • MATH 080/123
  • MATH 023/043/136/137
  • Biology
  • Chemistry

Hans VanHorn received his General Studies A.S. from Ivy Tech and received an A.S. in Biotechnology at Ivy Tech in 2020.  He especially enjoys chemistry and helping students enjoy it as well.

Hans also collects coins, works on cars, and is an advocate for animals and pets everywhere.

LRC Administration


Megan McNellis

  • Tutor Coordinator

Megan McNellis is a renaissance human being and a universal learner, with a love for math, science, and the arts. She holds a BFA in Painting from Indiana State University and specializes in graphic design and prepress production..  She also holds an AS in Rad Tech from Ivy Tech Community College. Her intellectual curiosity suits her position as Tutor Coordinator for the Learning Resource Center.  Come in and talk to Megan about--anything!

 Darla Crist

  •  Associate Professor of English
  •  Director, Library Services & Learning Resource Center

 Darla Crist is the result of the school of life and a Masters degree in English with a specialization in Creative Writing from Indiana State University.

​​ When she is not in the Library or the Learning Center, she is wearing some other hat around campus.

​ Darla is a published author whose books include The God of Small Losses (2010), Catherine Sophia's Elbow: A   Love Story (2014, 2016 ), and The Book of Wishful Thinking (2017).