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ENGL 075 / 111: Annotated Bibliographies


ANNOTATION involves creating your own way of marking up a text and creating a personalized but organized method of extracting and using the information you have gathered as you read a text.  Here are some examples of annotated texts:





NoodleTools is a wonderful online platform that assists students in the writing and research process. This tool is particularly helpful for creating and storing citations and annotations all in one place, with the option to create an annotated bibliography draft based on the material entered or imported onto the platform.

NoodleTools is free for Ivy Tech students (and faculty) to use with a basic sign up process, and additional guidance on how to use it is available from the Library Director.

FUTURE USAGE TIP  Annotating is a skill that is used  in many assignments, including Summary Response essays.  Navigate to the next column for more information on Summary Response strategies.

ENGL 075 / ENGL 111: Summary Response

Before you can write a quality summary response essay, you should concentrate on your close reading and annotation skills.

CLOSE READING involves asking questions about the text as you read it (or about a film as you watch it):

  • What is the theme of the story, essay, or film?  What is the author trying to relate to an audience?
  • What are the important details provided in the text?  How do the details contribute to the theme?
  • How does the author use his or her tools (images, word choices, certain scenes or information) to support the ideas expressed in the text?

For more information on close reading, click here:

ENGL 075 / ENGL 111: Comparative Analysis