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Predictable Books

Predictable books help early readers predict what the next sentences are going to say by using repetitive language, sequences, rhythms, and rhymes. These include chain/circular stories, cumulative sequences, familiar/known sequences, pattern stories, question and answer, phrase/sentence repetition, and rhyme/rhythm repetition.

  • Chain or Circular Stories
    In chain or circular stories, the ending leads right back to the beginning.
  • Cumulative Stories
    In cumulative stories, each part builds upon the parts that come before. As each new part is added, ALL the rest of the story is repeated, building a string of events or ideas that can help early readers recognize patterns and words.
  • Familiar or Known Sequence
    Stories with familiar or known sequences include a common, easily recognizable theme (such as the days of the weeks, months, counting).
  • Pattern Stories
    In a pattern story, the scenes or events are repeated with a variation.
  • Question and Answer Stories
    In question and answer stories, one question is repeated throughout the story.
  • Repetition of a Phrase or Sentence
    In a similar manner to question and answer stories, these stories have a single phrase or sentence which is repeated.
  • Repetition of a Rhythm or Rhyme
    Through these stories, a recognizable rhyme, rhythm, or refrain is repeated.

Chain or Circular Stories

Cumulative Stories

Familiar or Known Sequence

Pattern Stories

Question and Answer Stories

Repetition of a Phrase or Sentence

Repetition of a Rhythm or Rhyme