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Culinary Arts

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Example:  Search "Food sanitation"

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             3.  Demand for Collective food-safety standards by John Bovay  (Academic Journal)


Example:  Search "Catering"

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             1.  Catering and Gourmet Cooking Course by Jeffrey Cox (ISBN 9788189940386)


Example:  Search "Culinary"

Search results 202 videos

Topics cover everything from Careers for Women in the Culinary Arts to Recreating Culinary History.

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Example:  Advance Search link "edible" and "art"

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             8.  Wafer Paper Peony by Enrique Rojas.  The article presents a step-by-step guide for making edible paper flowers.


Example:  Search "grilling"

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Example:  Search "knife skills"

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Example:  Advance Search link "spices" and "food"

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             1.  Some Like It Hot (Article).  

Presents information on spices that offer protection against food-spoilage bacteria, according to Jennifer Billing and Paul W. Sherman, biologists at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Why countries with hotter climates uses spices more regular than those with cooler climates; Benefits of spices; Food habits of people who live in hot climates with regards to spices; Description of ten spices that are most effective against food-spoilage bacteria.