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Locating Books in the Library

In our Library, nonfiction books are shelved by their Library of Congress (LC) Call Number. These numbers organize books by their subject. In the general collection, the LC Call Number L will have books related to education.

L: Education

  • LA: History of Education
  • LB: Theory and Practice of Education
  • LC: Special Aspects of Education

You can find out more about LC Call Numbers here.

When you are looking for a specific book, you will want to use IvyCat, our Library Catalog, to search for it. For more help using IvyCat, please check out this LibGuide. If you are searching for children's books, you need to use IvyCat a little differently. Find out how to modify your search on this guide for Using IvyCat to Find Children's Books.

Course Reserves

Picture Books by Subject

When working with children, picture books are an easy way to illustrate concepts and share a fun story.

We have put together lists of picture books sorted by topic to help you choose books to use in many different situations. These lists range from fun topics, such as birthday parties or music, to more difficult topics, such as death and dying or anger and violence.

Click here to access these resource lists.

Children's Books

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