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Publication Finder

If you are looking for a specific journal title, you can search Publication Finder. Once you find the journal you want, you can browse through individual issues. Some journals that are useful in the early childhood education field are NAEYC Young Children, Psychology Today, Current Directions in Psychological Sciences, Educational Leadership and Multicultural Review.


This site hosts a number of different databases. Some relevant databases to select are ERIC, the Professional Development Collection, Middle Search Plus (resources for older children), and Primary Search (resources for younger children). For help using EBSCOhost, click here or contact the library at (260) 480-4172

International Children's Digital Library

The ICDL is a rich resource which can be used in a wonderfully wide range of situations by children, parents, teachers, librarians and others from all walks of life. Children can expand upon the stories to create games; parents can extract themes to help explain important lessons; teachers can utilize the multicultural nature of the collection to teach languages; librarians can enrich community outreach programs with tales from around the world and; of course, anyone can just open a book to read for pleasure.

This site includes digital books in many different languages, and all are free online. You can even help out by translating books to languages you know.

NAEYC Young Children

Provides limited access to the online version of the magazine. Physical copies are available in the Library.

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