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Faculty Center - Fort Wayne: Classroom Support

Classroom Support

The Library provides classroom and course support in several ways, including:

  • Library Instruction and Lab Sessions in our Presentation Room
  • Assignment Support
  • Help Guides and LibGuides

There are many benefits to using Library Classroom Support.

  • Your students will:
    • be updated on available research resources and how to use them,

    • learn how to critically evaluate the quality of sources,

    • know librarians to contact for support outside of class and

    • be able to apply these skills to their Ivy Tech coursework as well as four-year institutions and the workplace.

  • You will:
    • be able to devote more time to your content area instruction

Let us know how we can help!

Library Instruction and Lab Sessions

Librarians provide instruction on the skills and resources students need to find quality sources in today's information-rich world.  The length and content of instructional sessions is tailored to your needs and topics may include:

  • physical library resources and services
  • online search techniques (keywords, boolean terms, truncation, phrasing, subject terms)
  • finding sources
  • resources for citing sources
  • how to determine if a source is trustworthy
  • and more! Talk to us about what your students need.

Instruction may consist of presentation, group discussion, team teaching, and/or practice exercises. We can even work with you to provide additional support to classes that require intensive subject-specific research.

We invite you to have your instruction take place in the Library Presentation Room so that students may become familiar with the Library and its location.

We can also schedule a Library Lab Session if your course includes assignments where students research topics or cite sources during class time. These sessions would allow librarians to provide point-of-need assistance and easy access to Library resources.

To schedule a Instruction or Lab Session for your class, please fill out a request form.

Assignment Support

At Ivy Tech we are focused on student success and retention. One way the library assists faculty in this effort is by providing assignment support. It’s as easy as communicating with a librarian - and it’s especially important when assignments link directly to library resources. To be most helpful, library staff need to know

  • what resources students are asked to use
  • when they need them
  • and for what specific purposes.

Faculty can send copies of assignments to the Library Director, Nicole Treesh or to their school liaison librarian. This simple step will avoid broken links to resources, titles that have changed, paywalls, and outdated materials.

Librarians will even curate resources to support upcoming assignments, from the most relevant databases and journals to open educational resources. Many of our Library Guides contain such resource links. The librarians create and maintain these guides for you - just let us know what your class needs.

Students ask the library staff for help in any case, so let’s work together to ensure successful learning and teaching.

Library Presentation Room

The Library Presentation Room

  • Faculty may reserve the Presentation Room or up to 6 Library computers outside the Presentation Room for their students to conduct research that may require the assistance of Library staff.
  • The Presentation Room/computers may be reserved for the duration of the class meeting time, but cannot be reserved more than four times per semester per course section.
  • Faculty or staff may also reserve the Presentation Room for events sponsored by Ivy Tech Community College.
  • Library food and drink policies apply to the Presentation Room.
  • We request that all reservations be made at least 48 hours in advance.

Help Guides and LibGuides

The library has developed a series of help guides for research-related topics such as EBSCOhost, citing sources, and evaluating websites.

Librarians can cover a lot of information during instruction, and these guides provide additional information about the various resources available to students.

Librarians can create online guides to useful resources on the topics your students are researching. Librarians have already created LibGuides for various courses and subjects.

To request a LibGuide, contact your school liaison librarian.