Laptop Computers

The library has ten laptop computers available for use by currently enrolled students. These laptops may be checked out  by students, but not faculty or staff. The computer is a Dell Latitude E5550 laptop, with battery, a recharger and cord, and a carrying case.


Only Ivy Tech Fort Wayne students who meet the following conditions may check out laptop computers:

  • completed their first semester of classes,
  • have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0,
  • have a recommendation from an Ivy Tech Fort Wayne faculty member in whose class they are currently enrolled,
  • have no outstanding fines or overdue materials from the Ivy Tech Fort Wayne library.
  • students must present their current Ivy Tech ID card to check out laptops.
  • Students will have to provide proof of their grade point average (they may log on to library computers to find and print their GPA) and a faculty recommendation every semester.

Students may also check out laptop computers for use within the library.  Students do not have to meet the above requirements to use laptops within the library, but must present their Ivy Tech ID during the checkout process.

The processes to both check out and return laptops takes 10--15 minutes, and students should be prepared to spend that much time at the library circulation desk while library staff complete each process.

Returns and Renewals

Laptops may be checked out for a maximum of two weeks and renewals are up to the discretion of staff. Renewals must be made in person with all equipment present. Return the laptop to a staff member at the Circulation Desk. Do not place in Book Drop as this may cause physical damage to the laptop.

Overdue Policy

There is a zero tolerance policy for late returns. If a laptop is returned late, laptop borrowing privileges will be suspended for the semester or indefinitely.

Laptop computers cost more than books, so overdue and replacement fees for laptops are higher than for books.

An overdue fee of $10.00 per library business day will be charged for late returns. This is a flat rate fee and will not be adjusted based on hour of return. If the laptop is not returned on time, then the replacement cost (approximately $750.00) will be charged to your account until the laptop is returned. When the laptop is returned, the charge will be adjusted to the accrued late fees.

Fines will be sent to the business office for collection, including replacement costs and processing fees.

If circumstances arise that prevent you from returning the laptop on the date due, call the library at 260-480-4172 as soon as possible. Otherwise late fees will be charged and privileges may be revoked.

Borrower's Agreement

To see Ivy Tech Library's Borrower's Agreement for Laptops click below:

For Faculty

A member of the faculty needs to email library staff to tell them that he/she believes that the student is responsible and can be trusted with the computer.  (The faculty member bears no financial responsibility if the laptop is damaged or is not returned.)  Faculty should send their emails, from their Ivy Tech email accounts, to: