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Public Art Images

Twisted House, Indianapolis Art Center

Indianapolis Art Center ARTSPARK

Twisted House, John McNaughton, 2005, wood

100 Acres

100 Acres

Team Building (Align), Collaboration with IMA staff and Type A, 2010, metal and wood

White River State Park

Cardinal, Jeff Laramore, 2010, steel and aluminium

Indianapolis Airport

Indianapolis International Airport

Connections, Electroland, interactive lights with sound

Indianapolis Public Art

100 acres

Funky Bones, Atelier Van Lieshout, 2010, plywood, fiberglass

Indianapolis Public Art

Convention Center

Free Money, Female Tourist, Male Tourist, Tom Otterness, 1999

Impact of Public Art

What does Public Art encourage you to consider? Should it be confrontational? What if an art piece is one-sided or hurtful, racist or problematic? Thomas Hart Benton (1889-1975) painted the 10-panel mural A Social History of the State of Indiana, which was commissioned by the state ten years after the peak of the Indiana Klan, to depict Indiana's social and cultural legacy. Viewing the work has the potential to challenge an audience to consider past practices and beliefs within the history of this state and the types of harmful behaviors still enabled in today's Indiana.

The essay, The Potential of Public Art, written by Artist Sean Starowitz (2019) explores the impact this type of work can have and how we might confront our cultural challenges now and in the future. Starowitz is the assistant director of the arts for the city of Bloomington and teaches at Indiana University. Image below courtesy of Indiana University Archives.

Panel from A Social History of Indiana by Thomas Hart Benton. Image courtesy Indiana University Archives.

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