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One Button Studio- Indianapolis

One Button Studio

The One Button Studio is an easy-to-use digital video recording studio that requires no prior video production experience. Create high-quality, polished video projects without having to know anything about lights and cameras. You only need to bring your flash drive with you and push a single button.The Studio, located in the downtown library (LRC building), is available for use by all Ivy Tech faculty, staff, and students with valid Ivy Tech ID.

​What can you do in the One Button Studio?

  •  Rehearse for class presentations
  • Create videos for online instruction
  • Practice public speaking skills
  • Record interviews or podcasts
  • Capture family histories or personal narratives
  • Produce class assignments



  • Reservation are available in 2 hours blocks.

  • Reservations will be forfeit if more than 15 minutes late

  • When not reserved the studio is available on a first come first serve basis. 

  • Receive a confirmation email to Ivy Tech email account in one business day

  • Bring Ivy Tech ID and confirmation email to the library desk to check out the studio


  • Do not adjust any equipment in the room

  • Videos made must conform to the student code of conduct

  • No food or drink is permitted in the studio
  • You may be billed for any damage to the room or equipment

  • Be respectful of others reservations. You must be out of the room by the end of your time slot, late fees may apply.